Home Video Intercom System

A home video intercom system serves as an extra layer of security and protection for all private residences.

These intercom systems are simple to operate – once a visitor presses a buzzer or doorbell, a picture of that person will appear on a compact LCD monitor (often 4 – 6 inches in size), which is installed inside. This lets a homeowner see who is calling prior to needing to answer or communicate with those at the door. These intercoms often come equipped with two-way audio, so if possible to have a conversation without opening the door.

As well as viewing a visitor via a dedicated monitor attached to the intercom system, it is also an option to view or play back recorded images via a PC, DVR or TV screen. In addition, for viewing later in the day when it is dark, some cameras come installed with infrared LEDs for clear nighttime viewing.

In order to protect the actual camera it often comes housed in a solid outer shell, this aims to protect against the changeable weather conditions, as well as offering some level of vandal protection.

Installing one of these intercom systems is a straightforward project for those with basis DIY skills. Often, the intercom unit is connected via the existing door bell wiring, and for ease in hook-up with the receiver or monitored, these can be wall-mounted or free stand on a counter. The maximum distance between the two different components can range from 90 – 300-feet, so its important to check this prior to purchase.

A home intercom system, with tiltable camera lens provides a simple and quick solution for monitoring a homes entry point, with an ability to communicate prior to answering a door.

What Should You Look For In A Home Intercom System?

All call Intercom systems distribute the voice throughout the room stations all at once. This is done by activating the talk button from the room station. These systems usually do not allow the end user to select the room station to communicate. The only way to select a room station for private call will be from the master unit only.

Selective Call or Automatic Selective Call

A selective call Home Intercom system allows the end user to selective a room station to communicate privately between room stations. This is done by dialing the room station by number. Some programming maybe required. An automatic selective call Home Intercom system allows the end user to talk privately between room stations. But the end user does not dial a selected room station. The automatic selective call initiates as an All Call once the talk button pressed. Once the call is answered from another room stations all the other room stations will go back to original settings and the call is now private.

Music Distribution from a Home Intercom System

Home Intercom systems are the most cost effective way of getting music distribution throughout your home without spending a fortune. Most music distribution systems for a 4 or 5 bedroom home will cost between $2500 to $5000 and Home Intercom systems can start as little as $1200 depending how many rooms will have music. Choosing where to locate each room station is not just for intercom functions but also for music distribution. Make sure you have good coverage for your music. Most of the room stations have a 3 inch speaker for music. Because of the small size of the speaker you will not be able to turn up the music very loud without getting distortion. Ask your manufacture if they are able to upgrade your sound to a ceiling speaker. With ceiling speakers you will get better music coverage especially in larger rooms. Also check with your manufacture and take advantage of ipods or mp3 players and hook it up to your system directly.

Advanced Intercom Systems

Earlier used in large shopping complexes and corporate business houses, intercoms are now becoming an essential part of everyday used specifically to have complete access and control on your residential building or business. Intercoms, an abbreviated form of intercommunicating devices, are systems that are primarily used to connect two distantly located individuals and establish communication system linking two different rooms.

At present, manufacturers are coming out with a wide variety of advanced intercom systems so as to attract customers. Interestingly, many of these systems are equipped with features that one can only imagine. Some of these systems are outlined below:

o Music Intercom Systems – Imagine a situation where all the members in the family can listen to music without the need of gathering at one single point or disturbing their routine activities. This is now possible with music intercom systems. These advanced devices provide you with the convenience of enjoying your favorite tunes, while answering your door and communicating with other members of the family. Interestingly, one need not even compromise with the sound quality as these devices are fitted with high-fidelity speakers that can generate a crisp and clear sound quality. On a whole, these advanced intercom systems can ably perform the role of a full-fledged music system, while ensuring your home security.

o Video Intercom Systems – These are one of most interesting and widely popular advanced intercom systems available in the market today. Often people tend to feel anxious when they have to open door to strangers. This happens particularly in situations when children are present all alone inside the home. A video intercom system helps you establish the identity of the person present on the other side of the door before granting access into the house. In other sense, this system provides you with an additional security blanket.

o Baby Monitoring Systems – These are another interesting variety of intercom systems that are recently gaining popularity. Also known as nanny intercoms, these baby monitoring systems are small walkie-talkie like systems fitted with an LCD monitor. Fitted at one corner of the bed/room, these devices allow you to stay connected with your children and monitor their activities from anywhere in the house. Also, these systems are fitted with certain advanced features such as high-fidelity speaker systems and temperature monitors so as to ensure an effective communication. The same systems can also be used when you need to take care of your elderly parents, in case they need any assistance.

One of the most salient features of advanced intercom systems is these devices can be effectively used as an integrated home security and access control solution, thereby providing a comprehensive and complete surveillance and protection. In fact, it is due to this feature that intercom systems are gaining immense popularity in the recent times. These intercom systems can be easily integrated with your existing infrastructure such as your remote-controlled gates, CCTVs, burglar alarms and movement detectors.

Another feature that is recently being incorporated into intercom systems is video/audio conferencing. In this, multiple intercom stations located in different rooms are connected with one another so that individuals can communicate with each other simultaneously. Also, one no longer has to worry about tangled wires lying everywhere on the floor.

These are compact, flexible and easy-to-use devices that operate using advanced wireless technology. As a result, one can control these advanced intercom systems even from any remote location. Another interesting fact is that advanced intercom systems can be operated both on electricity and batteries. Due to this, people no longer have to compromise on their home/personal security even during power failure. One more fact about these advanced intercom systems is that they are very much cost effective and are available in every budget range.